BMW E30 Gr.A DTM rear trailing arm double adjuster -kit

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BMW E30 Gr.A DTM rear trailing arm double adjuster -kit for BMW E30 / E30 M3 / E36 Z3 / Z3M / E36 Compact trailing arms (weld-on type)

New updated (5/2021) product now available!

  • Quick and easy one-hand camber adjustment

  • Increased thread size

  • High tensile steel outer structure

  • Hard chrome plated chromoly steel adjusters and locknuts

  • Chromoly rod ends and spherical bearings included! (M18x1.5 RH + 16x32x15mm)

  • 35mm camber adjustment, 30mm toe adjustment

  • End plate lock mechanism replicated from original Gr.N / Gr.A design

  • Additional trailing arm A-brace reinforcement is required when converting

  • Welding required

  • Kit comes with instructions and of course MRT Engineering decals

    Why do you need one?

    When lowering your car rear end toe and camber angles will significantly change on this platform. With this kit you can correct your rear wheel angles and additionally gain sharp and precise steering feel with optimal grip on any applications.

    Does it fit my car?

    The components are meant to be used on BMW E30 / E30 M3 / E36 Z3 / Z3M / E36 Compact trailing arms. With minor modifications they can be adapted on other similar type trailing arms too. See available variations:


    • Double adjusters + spherical inner joints
    • Double adjusters only
    • Spherical inner joints only

    Is it easy to install?

    Assembly drawing, PDF

    Installing the kit is only recommended for enthusiasts with knowledge of car repairs and welding skills. Modifications needs to be done in a purpose made jig or step-by-step in the car. Rear trailing arm removing, cutting and welding is required for both inner and outer ends.

    If you need any further info please contact us!

    How about the lifetime and service of the kit?

    The kits have been proven on street and track applications by hundreds of our customers. We're constantly doing R&D to make the kits even better, all improvements are based on customer feedback which is very important to us.
    We have proven the very same bearings with no maintenance for 20,000 kilometers, through the year, in daily use without signs of excessive wear. When the bearing life comes to an end, they're easily replaceable! Bearings are available around the world from automotive and industrial dealers and any of the spare parts can be also bought separately from us.

    We want to keep our customers 100% happy thus we're only using the best materials and manufacturing processes available. All parts are CNC machined: highest quality CrMo tool steel is used on the adjuster parts which are hard chrome plated for best corrosion resistance, welding is made easy with high tensile structural steel and small spacers/adapters used on the kits are 316L stainless steel.

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