BMW E30 / E34 / E36 / E46 / E90 - Caster (camber) adjustable top mounts

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Caster (camber) adjustable front coilover top mounts for BMW E30 / E34 / E36 / E46 / E90 models (xi/xd models) 

Main features of the kit:

  • Long slot for caster / wheel position change

    • E30 +-15mm
    • E36 +42mm
  • Optimized slot for camber adjustments

    • E30 -15mm
    • E36 +-11mm (by flipping side)
  • Solid, high strength all aluminum AW-7075 construction 

  • Set of 14mm and 16mm spacers for most common coilover shocks, does not fit original style shock absorbers! 18mm ID bearing also fits with many coilover brand original hardware

  • M12x1.25, M12x1.5 and M14x1.5 top nuts included

  • Sold as pair

  • Comes with mounting hardware and of course MRT Engineering decals

Why do you need one?

This top mount allows you to adjust caster (wheel position) and camber.
Caster adjustment is important especially on track cars where extra caster can be beneficial, especially on non-M cars such as E36 and E46.
Conversely on a E30 with E36/E46 spindles this top mount can be used to reduce caster to a suitable range.
Top mounts allow caster/camber adjustment up to Gr.A and/or STW specification on their specific chassies.
Pillowball design is 100% solid without any flex. Recommended for track and drift use.

Does it fit my car?

These top mounts can be used with most common coilovers with 14mm or 16mm shaft diameter. See available variations:

Top mount style:

  • E30 / E34
  • E36 / E46 / E90

Is it easy to install?

Instructions, PDF

Assembly drawing, PDF

Installing the kit does not require any special tools. E36 / E46 / E90 chassis will require cutting of the strut tower for maximum caster.

If you need any further info please contact us!

How about the lifetime and service of the kit?

The kit does not need service while in use, always use Loctite on bolts and screws that might become loose. The kits have been proven on street and track applications by hundreds of our customers. We're constantly doing R&D to make the kits even better, all improvements are based on customer feedback which is very important to us. Any of the spare parts can be also bought separately from us.

We want to keep our customers 100% happy thus we're only using the best materials and manufacturing processes available. CNC machined aluminum parts are AW-7075 with hard anodized finish, all fasteners meet European quality standards and steel parts are stainless for better corrosion resistance.

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