BMW E30 / E36 / E46 - RACE front control arm -kit

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!!! Made on order, lead time approx. 10 days !!!

RODOBAL rod end / spherical bearing upgrade (service) available for this kit, click here

RACE front control arm -kit for BMW E30 / E30 M3 / E36 / E36 M3 / Z3 / Z3M / E46 / E46 M3 / Z4 / Z4M models (excluding E30 iX / E46 xi/xd models)

Latest Gen 3.5 kit main features:

  • Control arms with mounting brackets only

  • These can be used as an upgrade for MRT roll-center / bump steer / angle -kits or as is

  • All new one-piece fasteners and billet castle nuts with PVD coating

  • Standard or +30mm width (+60mm total) control arms

  • 60% weight saving compared to original cast steel arms (25% weight saving on E46 arms) most lightweight design on the market!

  • Fully adjustable design: width, wheelbase (caster), anti-dive

  • Brackets for OEM front reinforcement plate/belly pan included on E46 M3 chassis option *

  • Slightly reduced steering angle (not for drifting)

  • Steering rack stops recommended

  • No sway bar mounts, E30 M3 / E36 M3 strut type mounting must be used (if you need additional sway bar weld tabs, please search for product: MRT-20012)

  • Welding of mounting brackets required, both subframe mount and extra weld bung for the rear bracket

  • Rerouting of original fuel lines might be required on E30 chassis **

  • Comes with instructions and of course MRT Engineering decals

Why do you need one?

Perfect triangular control arm design allows very rigid, lightweight construction that in addition of all other benefits stated above, is highly desired for circuit racing applications. All control dimensions are adjustable, this also allows use of many different combinations such as spindle/knuckle swap on other chassis for example E30 5-lug swap.

Does it fit my car?

The kit can be combined with most of the E30 / E36 / E46 chassis, knuckles/spindles and tie rods. See available variations:


  • E30 non-M / E30 M3 **
  • E36 non-M / Z3 non-M / E36 M3 / Z3M
  • E46 non-M / Z4 non-M / Z4M
  • E46 M3 *
  • E30 non-M / E30 M3
  • E36 non-M / Z3 non-M
  • E36 M3 / Z3M
  • E46 / Z4 non-M / Z4M
  • E46 M3

Control arm width:

  • Standard
  • +30mm (+60mm total)

Is it easy to install?

Instructions, PDF

Assembly drawing, PDF

-with mounting stud -kit

Installing the kit is only recommended for enthusiasts with knowledge of car repairs and welding skills. Welding is required for both subframe mount and extra weld bung for the rear bracket.

If you need any further info please contact us!

How about the lifetime and service of the kit?

The kits have been proven on street and track applications by hundreds of our customers. We're constantly doing R&D to make the kits even better, all improvements are based on customer feedback which is very important to us. We have proven the very same bearings with no maintenance for 20,000 kilometers, through the year, in daily use without signs of excessive wear. When the bearing life comes to an end, they're easily replaceable! Bearings are available around the world from automotive and industrial dealers and any of the spare parts can be also bought separately from us.

We want to keep our customers 100% happy thus we're only using the best materials and manufacturing processes available. CNC machined parts; arms and rods are made of aerospace grade AW-7075 aluminum, highest quality CrMo tool steel and Grade 5 titanium is used on control arm mounting studs and fasteners, rear brackets are TIG welded structural steel.

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