BMW M20 / M30 / S38 - Cam sensor cover

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Cam sensor cover for BMW M20 / M30 / S38 engines

Main features of the kit:

  • CNC machined AW-6082 aluminum cover with black anodized finish

  • 360 degrees adjustable trigger lever

  • Allows use of fully sequential ignition/injection with eligible aftermarket ECUs

  • Compatible with all M50 / M52 / M54 -type camshaft sensors

  • Cam sensor shown in the pictures not included

  • Not compatible with original ECU or harness

  • Comes with mounting hardware and of course MRT Engineering decals

Why do you need one?

This kit allows you to add camshaft sensor to your M20/M30/S38 engine in order to make a fully sequential ignition and/or fuel injection system. Adjustable trigger lever allows you to adjust home signal to any point you want or your aftermarket ECU software requires. Trigger lever replaces original distributor rotor.

Does it fit my car?

The kit can be used with most of the M20 / M30 / S38 engines originally equipped with Motronic engine management where distributor is located on the timing cover. Kit might not fit directly with aftermarket camshaft pulleys or sprockets.

Is it easy to install?

Instructions, PDF

Assembly drawing, PDF

Installing the the kit does not require any special tools. Please refer to your aftermarket ECU provider instructions to build a compatible harness and setting up the software and preferences.

If you need any further info please contact us!

How about the lifetime and service of the kit?

The kit does not need service while in use, always use Loctite on bolts and screws that might become loose. The kits have been proven on street and track applications by hundreds of our customers. We're constantly doing R&D to make the kits even better, all improvements are based on customer feedback which is very important to us. Any of the spare parts can be also bought separately from us.

We want to keep our customers 100% happy thus we're only using the best materials and manufacturing processes available. CNC machined aluminum parts are AW-6082 with hard anodized finish, all fasteners meet European quality standards and steel parts are zinc galvanized for better corrosion resistance.

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